After ABBA won the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in 1974 in their home country Sweden, they took the world by storm with their then completely new music. A band that not only wrote music history, but became a living legend. A myth that continues to this day and captivates people of all generations.

ABBA da capo ...

a great stage show that beguiles the eyes and ears and takes you back to the colourful, splendid and dazzling world of the 70s and 80s - the time when ABBA's unforgettable hits such as the fast-paced "MAMMA MIA", "TAKE A CHANCE ON ME", the UNICEF song "CHIQUITITA" or the emotional "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" were created.
With graceful as well as young and lively choreographies, glamorous stage outfits and with multi-faceted vocal interpretations of the world-famous original songs, ABBA da capo creates the perfect combination of the feeling of the 70s and the sound and lifestyle of the new millennium.

ABBA da capo lends this very special flower-pop glamour to all conceivable events throughout Germany and also in other European countries.

Whether in concert halls, at city festivals, company anniversaries, at open-air events or at congresses, ABBA da capo have managed time and again for over a decade to thrill audiences and leave a lasting, unforgettable impression.

Let yourself be carried away and go on a nostalgic journey through time with ABBA da capo!

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